EGS Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the kind of board game convention that we, as enthusiasts of the genre, have always wanted to attend. We want gamers of all skill sets and experience levels to come together and share their wealth of collective knowledge in a relaxed and fun environment. We encourage you as attendees to go outside of your comfort zone and discover something new. Most of all, we hope you’ll make some friends along the way.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Our event welcomes diverse people of every race, religion, orientation and gender. Edmonton Game Spiel has a zero tolerance policy towards any sort of harassment, be it physical, emotional, or verbal. Anyone who disrespects other guests in any way will be asked to leave without refund. Liquor will be served on the premises and we reserve the right to halt service at any time, should that be deemed necessary.


Why did you call the convention Edmonton Game Spiel?

We wanted to nod to the venue which is a curling club. Curling tournaments are called bonspiels and we thought that was a fun tie-in to the Spiel des Jahres yearly board game awards in Germany. Hence Spiel.

What is happening at this event?

A wide variety of tabletop gaming! Play tournaments, join in on a role playing game, wage miniature wars, try new board and card games, win prizes and meet like-minded people enthusiastic about their hobbies.

Who is coming to this event?

Rodney Smith from Watch it Played, Representatives from ILO307 and Roxley Games, Red Claw Gaming, Variant Edition Comics, Table Top Cafe, Preserve Food Truck, The New Deli Food Truck, and a wide range of Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, Game Enthusiasts and more!

Is this an all ages event?

Yes, gamers of all ages are encouraged to attend but minors require parental supervision at all times.

How do I become a sponsor?

Email info@edmontongamespiel.com with the subject line “Sponsorship” for details.

How do I become a vendor?

Email info@edmontongamespiel.com with the subject line “Vendor” for details.


What do I get with my pass?

All passes give you unlimited access to all aspects of the convention with the exception of the Mega Games.

-All of Rodney’s sessions have no extra charge but are a first come first served.

-Mark Meer’s RPG events also have no extra charge and are included entertainment for the evenings.

-A variety of prizes can be won from fire on demand tournaments.

You are free to sign up for tournaments, learn to plays, RPG sessions and open play as you see fit. The weekend pass and Saturday pass also

What is the difference between Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Saturday and Sunday have longer hours, the Mega Games and our special guest Rodney Smith. All three days will have vendors, tournaments, role playing games, the games library, food and bar services available.

Transportation & Accommodations

Will there be parking?

There will be free parking at the venue.


We recommend staying close to the event or carpooling for the weekend if possible. If you have to take transit, the event is a short bus ride from the West Edmonton Mall.

Food & Drink

Will I be able to buy food on site?

Yes! We will have a concession on site the whole convention, as well as The New Deli food truck to serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Will I be able to bring in outside food?

No, no outside food please. Small snacks or a bottle of pop you might pack are fine though.

What happened to the buffet?

We got a lot of feedback that the buffet was viewed as an unnecessary mandatory cost instead of the added bonus we set out to make it. Instead of forcing everyone to buy in to it, we are simply using the concession and the New Dehli food truck for servicing hungry attendees and reducing the ticket price significantly. This gives everyone much more flexibility.

What food will the concession have?

These items will be available each day from 11am onwards from our in house concession:

(Come with fries, soup, or green salad. Upgrade to Poutine or Mac and Cheese for $2)
Cheeseburger – 5oz beef smash patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, house dill pickles $11
Pulled Chicken Sandwich – pulled chicken, bourbon bbq sauce, tangy slaw $12
Cuban Sandwich – mojo pork loin, honey ham, swiss cheese, house dill pickles, honey dijon chips, mojito jam, dijon mustard $12
Hummus Wrap – house hummus, house pickled veg, tomato, greens, feta cheese, on pita $11

Perogies and Kielbasa – local garlic sausage and perogies, dill cream, fried onions, dijon mustard $14
Loaded Mac and Cheese – gruyere béchamel, corkscrew pasta, bacon, jalapeno, breadcrumb $12

Poutine – house cut fries, beef gravy, cheese curds $9

Treats and Drinks
Ice Cream Treats $2
Cookies $3
Chocolate Bars $2
Chips $2
Pop $2
Water $2
Coffee $3
Tea $3

I have dietary restrictions. What should I do?

If you have serious allergies or restrictions, you can email us at info@edmontongamespiel.com with the subject line “Dietary Restrictions”. Also please include the email you signed up for your badge.

Will I be able to purchase alcohol?

Yes, we will be fully licensed.

Can I take my alcohol on the gaming floor?



How do I sign up to be a Volunteer?

Email info@edmontongamespiel.com with the subject line “Volunteer” for details.

How do I sign up to host an RPG session?

Fill out the form here.

Do I have to buy a pass to volunteer?

You must purchase a pass to volunteer. As a trade off though, If you work for 14 hours during the convention we will compensate you for your pass. This means you will get the full weekend for free, but you must provide the full 14 hours to receive any compensation. Only one pass will be reimbursed per volunteer, no matter the amount of hours worked in excess of 14.

What do I get for being a GM/DM?

If you host 48 hours of player hours, we will compensate you for your pass. Player time is based on player count x length of session. For example, if you GM an RPG for 6 players for 4 hours that will be 24 hours in player hours.

Do I have to buy a pass to GM?

Yes, you must purchase a pass to GM. However, if you provide 48 player hours during the convention, we will compensate you for your pass. This means you will get the full weekend for free. You must provide the full 48 player hours though. Only one pass will be compensated per GM, no matter the amount of players hours generated over 48.

Can I bring my own board games to play?

Yes, but you assume all responsibility in the event that any of your personal property is lost or stolen.

Can I host a board game?

Yes! You will be able to set up a time to play a specific game. Either one from our library or one that you bring yourself.

Can I get credit for hosting a board game?

No. Several volunteers will be dedicated to teaching games. Credit towards compensation for a pass applies to GM’s and Volunteers only.

What is a Mega Game?

A Megagame is a large multi-player game in which the participants are organized into teams very much in the vein of a model UN or other mock government simulation. The number of players can vary from 20 - 100 depending on the game and is played over the course of a day or afternoon. Expect to be involved in the game for 6 or more hours. EGS will be hosting two games, Watch the Skies Lite with room for 29-40 players and Urban Nightmare State of Chaos (UNSOC) with room for 40-120 players.