May 31 - June 2

Jasper Place Curling Club


Edmonton Game Spiel is a local gaming convention with world class appeal. Bringing together Boardgames, RPG’s and Miniatures along with industry talent, delicious food, and unique experiences.

Our goal is to provide the kind of game convention that we, as enthusiasts of the genre, have always wanted to attend. We want gamers of all skill sets and experience levels to come together and share their wealth of collective knowledge in a relaxed and fun environment. We encourage you as attendees to go outside of your comfort zone and discover something new. Most of all, we hope you’ll make some friends along the way.

  • Weekend
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
*Includes Saturday dinner buffet
  • Jasper Place Curling Club
  • 16521 107 Ave NW
  • Edmonton, AB, T5P 0Y7
  • Friday, May 31st
    6PM - Midnight
  • Saturday, June 1st
    9AM - Midnight
  • Sunday, June 2nd
    9AM - 6PM

Featured Events

Watch It Played with Rodney Smith

With a passion for teaching and playing board games, Rodney started a Youtube channel in 2011 dedicated to the idea of sharing the hobby. Since then, Watch It Played has taught over 240 games and produced over 1,000 videos, growing to be the largest channel dedicated specifically to instructional content in the hobby.

Mega Games

A Megagame is a large multi-player game in which the participants are organized into teams very much in the vein of a model UN or other mock government simulation. The number of players can vary from 20 - 100 depending on the game and is played over the course of a day or afternoon. 6 Hours at least depending on the game. EGS will be hosting two games, Watch the Skies Lite and Urban Nightmare State of Chaos (UNSOC) with room for 50 players each.


5pm Saturday Night, all attendees are invited to partake in a delicious feast included in your ticket price. The meal will include a hearty mix of chicken, roast beef and pork for main dishes with rice pilaf, roast potatoes, and mixed vegetables plus Caesar or green salad.

Miniature War Gaming

Red Claw Gaming is setting up a whole section of of miniatures including Warhammer (Age of Sigmar, 40k, and Underworlds), Kill Team, Bolt Action, Malifaux and Blood Bowl. Introductory tables and tournaments along with the product and paints to buy!

Board Game Library

Table Top Cafe, Roxley and ILO307 will be providing a wealth of board games to play along with staff to teach them! Everything from Kingdomino, Dice Throne and Codenames to Brass, 7 Wonders and Terraforming Mars. A variety of board game tournaments will be held all weekend with prizes for winners and participators.


A wide range of sessions and systems will be available to play throughout the weekend hosted by volunteer Game and Dungeon Masters. Once a session is approved by the EGS team, it will be made available for attendees to sign up via the website.


A special sub-genre of board games based on trains and stock companies. A large variety of these will be available to play for those looking to dip a toe in the deeper end of board gaming.

Welcome To... Bingo!

Join in on a gigantic round or two of the smash hit puzzler Welcome To… Your Perfect Home. Any number of participants can join in as we project the cards used each round for all to see. Games will last 20-30 minutes and go until someone fills their card.

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